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Beal - Diablo 10.2 Standard Rope

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Beal - Diablo 10.2 Standard Rope

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We are happy to introduce you the latest Beal rope, the Diablo 10.2mm Unicore, winner of an ISPO Award. This dynamic rope is the first outdoor Beal rope made using the Beal Unicore Process. Only used with semi-static ropes until this year, the Unicore technology is now available on Beal Diablo 10.2 mm outdoor dynamic ropes. This Beal technology binds the sheath and the core of the rope together without affecting the suppleness of the rope or its ease of use. On a standard rope, if the sheath is accidentally severed, it slides and bunches over several meters. It then becomes impossible to pass this zone, whether climbing or descending. With Unicore, the sheath stays in place and the user may escape, either by climbing or by descending, whilst taking all necessary precautions. You are not stuck on the rope with no way out!

  • Diameter: 10.2 mm
  • Type: SINGLE
  • Weight: 64g/m
  • Static Elongation: 8.7%
  • Dynamic Elongation: 37%
  • Impact Force: 8.3kN
  • UIAA Falls: 7

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