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Boreas - Bolinas Super Tramp Pack

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Boreas - Bolinas Super Tramp Pack
size chart

  • Torso Vol. Wt. (stock) Wt. (min.)
    MEDIUM 55-Mens

    46-51cm / 17-20" 55L / 3,051in3 1,420g / 3lbs 1oz 1,105g / 2lbs 7oz


    40-46cm / 15-18" 55L / 3,051in3 1,420g / 3lbs 1oz 1,1055g / 2lbs 7oz


    46-51cm / 17-20" 40L / 2,136in3 1,365g / 3lbs 1,045g / 2lbs 5oz

    LARGE 55-Mens

    >51cm / >20" 55L / 3,051in3 1,430g / 3lbs 2oz 1,125g / 2lbs 7oz


    46-51cm / 18-20" 55L / 3,051in3 1,430g / 3lbs 2oz 1,125g / 2lbs 7oz


    >51cm / >20" 40L / 2,136in3 1,370g / 3lbs 1,050g / 2lbs 5oz

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Stock #: L736-

The Bolinas pack from Boreas is truly one-of-a-kind. Its variable suspension system, dubbed "Super Tramp", lets users adjust their pack suspension with the tug of a strap. Tighten the strap and it's an airy trampoline suspension, perfect for biking or hot weather travel. Loosen the strap and the pack reverts to a standard suspension, moving the weight closer to your back for more stability while hiking or climbing. And because the tension setting is infinitely variable, you can pick a spot somewhere in the middle for the best of both worlds.


  • Stretch panels allow the pack body to expand and curve depending on load and suspension setting
  • Waterproof pocket for sensitive items
  • Roll-top lid
  • Hidden daisy chains
  • Removable hip belt
  • Hydration sleeve and port
  • Adjustable sternum strap


  • Volume: 30L / 1,831in3
  • Torso length: 18.5" / 47cm
  • Weight: 2lbs 4 oz / 1020g
  • Fabrics: 210D (body) and 420D (bottom) ripstop nylon with water-resistant impregnated silicon coating



Additional Information

Additional Information

Intended Use Hiking/Backpacking