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Boreas Gear - Lost Coast 60 Men's Pack

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Boreas Gear - Lost Coast 60 Men's Pack
size chart

  • Torso Vol. Wt. (stock) Wt. (min.)
    MEDIUM 55-Mens

    46-51cm / 17-20" 55L / 3,051in3 1,420g / 3lbs 1oz 1,105g / 2lbs 7oz


    40-46cm / 15-18" 55L / 3,051in3 1,420g / 3lbs 1oz 1,1055g / 2lbs 7oz


    46-51cm / 17-20" 40L / 2,136in3 1,365g / 3lbs 1,045g / 2lbs 5oz

    LARGE 55-Mens

    >51cm / >20" 55L / 3,051in3 1,430g / 3lbs 2oz 1,125g / 2lbs 7oz


    46-51cm / 18-20" 55L / 3,051in3 1,430g / 3lbs 2oz 1,125g / 2lbs 7oz


    >51cm / >20" 40L / 2,136in3 1,370g / 3lbs 1,050g / 2lbs 5oz

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Stock #: L078-

Lost Coasts are simple, comfortable packs for people who care about weight but are not crazy enough to cut the handles off their toothbrushes.

  • Simple Comfort Packs don’t have to be complicated to be comfortable. The z-foam back panel and removable frame sheet are shaped to match the curve of your back. Nothing fancy. (Just lots and lots of prototypes).
  • Cool It Poke the z-foam on the back panel (don’t worry, it’s tough stuff) and you’ll see it springs back. That compression/ reaction motion happens as you hike, pumping air through to keep your back cool.
  • Foam Sweet Foam More foam does not equal more comfort. Super-plush belts and straps look comfy in the store but flatten out under pressure. Comfort happens when pressure is distributed evenly through good design and foam resilient enough to maintain volume under load.
  • Keep it Clean There was a time when packs were judged by how many zippers, buckles and straps they had. We’re glad those days are over so we can concentrate on better ideas like daisy chains that tuck away when you don’t need them.
  • Material World Our lightweight 210D ripstop nylon pack body fabric is impregnated with silicone for waterproof strength that won't wear out or rub off over time. The heavier 420D nylon used for the pack

Additional Information

Additional Information

Intended Use Hiking/Backpacking