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Carrera - Kimerik Polarized Goggles

Carrera - Kimerik Polarized Goggles

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Polarized goggles with a spherical lens for only $39.99? It's true. This Carrera SPH goggle is the same one used by Carrera's sponsored World Cup racers, and we've got them as a sweet clearance deal right now. The spherical lens distorts your view of the world less than the flat, cylindrical lens found in cheaper goggles that normally sit around this price point, and the polarization cuts down on reflected glare from snow and ice. That way, you can see what's coming at you whether you're on the Hahnenkamm downhill course or just your local ski hill. 

Lens Options: Polarized persimmon 

Sizing : Small
Glasses Compatible : No
Gender / Ages : Unisex
Helmet Compatible : Yes
Ventilation System :  Yes
Lens Type : Spherical
Interchangeable Lenses : Yes - Does not include extra lenses
Anti-Fog :  Yes

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