DMM Torque Nut

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Product Name Price Qty
DMM - Torque Nut - 4 - Blue
DMM - Torque Nut - 3 - Gold
DMM - Torque Nut - 2 - Red
DMM - Torque Nut - 1 - Green


Torque nuts are DMM's solution to large passive protection.

As the name suggests, these cunningly sized and shaped nuts work well in standard placements but also have and efficient camming system. Just four sizes cover a very large size range. The colour-coded double dyneema sling is protected on the top by a large countersunk groove and works in a similar fashion to the slings on our cams. This unique refinement makes racking the units much easier and allows you to climb less encumbered.

Product Weight Strength Color
Size 1 54g 14kN Green
Size 2 70g 14Kn Red
Size 3 104g 14Kn Gold
Size 4 146g 14Kn Blue



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DMM - Torque Nut

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