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Focus SUP - Smoothie VST Glass Sups

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Focus SUP - Smoothie VST Glass Sups

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A proven board for all around paddling, great for beginners to intermediates who want to paddle and surf. The Smoothie VST SUP's key features allow it to perform best in both worlds. For the beginner paddler it offers a 32-33” wide deck for added stability and unique rail curve for easy paddling. The intermediate paddler will find a rounded tail and raised rocker that contribute to the agility and turning abilities of this board. You will be able to surf it in medium sized waves and still take your kid out on it in the lake. -


  • VST Construction
  • EVA traction pad
  • 2+1 Futures fin system
  • Carrying handle
  • US made GORE-TEX® self breathing valve
  • GoPro® camera mount
  • Dual leash plugs


  • Available in four sizes - call for current selection:
    • 10' 0" x 33"
    • 10' 4" x 32"
    • 10' 10" x 32"
    • 11' 4" x 32"

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