Nathan - Icespeed Insulated 18oz Handheld

Nathan - Icespeed Insulated 18oz Handheld

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Don't let freezing temperatures keep you inside this winter! Nathan's best-selling grip-free handheld now comes with an IceCutter Cap with Blast Valve to prevent water from freezing in cold conditions. The fully adjustable hand strap works great with running gloves, plus there's a hand warmer pocket that prevents the bottle from freezing.  The large zipper pulls are easy to use with gloves, while the expandable front pocket is spacious enough to store most smartphones, plus gels, keys, ID, and other running essentials. 


  • Weight: 4.5 oz / 127 g (with insulated 18oz flask)
  • Storage Capacity: 17.5 cu in / 0.28 Liters

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