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Slackline Industries - Aggro Line 100 ft

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Slackline Industries - Aggro Line 100 ft

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Initially created for the pros and surf training, this 100-foot, trampoline-style line has become a favorite of slackliners at all levels. The longer length is ideal for large trees, water lines, tricks or challenging walks. The heavy-duty ratchet allows for maximum tension and bounce at a greater distance.

Complete kit includes a ratchet with and main line with a sewn loop on either end. The advertised TrueLength refers to the length of the main line alone. Other companies will advertise a kit length that includes the webbing on the ratchet and the main line. Essentially shorting you on your main line!

The heavy-duty, long-lever ratchet with 8 feet of static webbing and reinforced loop to firmly anchor and tension the slackline at long distances.

Custom-designed trampoline-style webbing is made for slacklining and provides extra bounce for dynamic tricks.

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