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So Ill - Runner

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So Ill - Runner

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Inspired by a retro running shoe, the Runner embodies simple aspects of classic footwear while retaining the functionality of a high-performance climbing shoe. The sole is fairly soft and the shoe specializes in sport and boulder climbing. The Runner comes in Low Volume and Regular Volume to accommodate the differentiating widths of a climber’s foot. 


  • Guys, So Ill suggest a half size up from street shoe size for a tight and functional fit
  • Ladies, So Ill suggest one size down for a tight, functional fit


  • Synthetic Top
  • Padded Tongue
  • Puffy Front Panel
  • Dark Matter Rubber
  • Fish-hook Thin Midsole
  • Downturned Toe
  • Three-point Closure System

Additional Information

Additional Information

Terrain All Around, Face
Discipline Bouldering, Gym, Sport
Closure Velcro
Skill Level Intermediate
Collection Climbing Gym
Material Synthetic