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Victorinox Huntsman Hardwood

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Though it’s named the Huntsman, this knife is versatile enough to be used around the house as well as out in the woods. Featuring a unique hardwood handle, this Swiss Army Knife is the perfect gift for outdoorsmen, collectors, or dads.

  1. large blade
  2. small blade
  3. corkscrew
  4. can openerwith
  5. -small screwdriver
  6. small screwdriver
  7. cap lifterwith
  8. -screwdriver
  9. -wire stripper
  10. screwdriver
  11. reamer
  12. tweezers
  13. toothpick
  14. multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier)
  15. wood saw
  16. can openerwith
  17. -small screwdriver
  18. cap lifterwith
  19. -screwdriver
  20. -wire stripper
  21. screwdriver
  22. small screwdriver
  23. large blade
  24. toothpick
  25. wood saw
  26. tweezers
  27. multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier)
  28. corkscrew
  29. reamer
  30. small blade


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Victorinox - Huntsman Hardwood

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