Victorinox - Spartan Lite Translucent

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How do you improve on the classic Swiss Army Spartan Knife? You add an LED light and two additional screwdrivers to create the Spartan Lite! Now with more features you’ll find this knife even more useful for day-to-day tasks.


  1. LED white light 
  2. corkscrew 
  3. large blade 
  4. cap lifter with
  5. -screwdriver
  6. -wire stripper
  7. small blade 
  8. reamer 
  9. toothpick 
  10. mini-screwdriver 
  11. key ring  
  12. tweezers 
  13. can opener with
  14. -small screwdriver


Color: Fire Orange
Blade Type: Multi tool
Length: 91 mm
Width: 1 "
Height: 0.8 "
Weight: 3 oz
Handle Material: Cellidor polished

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