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Vermont Smoke and Cure - Turkey Real Sticks

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Vermont Smoke and Cure - Turkey Real Sticks

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The search is over for big flavor, natural, healthy and fulfilling snacks! They're called RealSticks, because they deliver Real Flavor from Real Ingredients, with nutrition that powers your day.

RealSticks are gluten free and contain 50% less fat and 40% less salt than the leading snack sticks, and at least 80% less sugars than the leading sports bars. RealSticks are low (0-2) carb, dairy free, no MSG, and no artificial anything. No preservatives. Just 2 WW points in each 1-oz stick.

RealSticks start with great quality meat – not “mechanically separated” something-or-other.  The Natural Beef is from our friends at Pineland Farms Natural Meats in Maine and the Natural Pork is from DuBreton in Quebec or from Coleman Natural Meats.

We then mix in real spices – tamarind and molasses powder, among others, in the BBQ and cracked as well as specially ground black peppercorns in the Cracked Pepper – to create real flavor.

Whether you're looking for a snack after your CrossFit or other workout, following the Paleo diet, looking for something healthy for your kids' lunch box, or tossing a fulfilling snack in your backpack, let RealSticks power your day.